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As a church that seeks to serve, we wanted to provide you the convenience of being able to give the way you want, whenever you want.

ConnectNow Giving offers you the opportunity to make secure, automatic contributions to our parish funds such as:


Mary’s Meals,

Food Pantry,

Scholarship Fund,

Living Our Legacy Capital Campaign

and many other collections

You can now donate directly from your bank account or credit card to our church. To enroll in Connect Now Giving, please click on the blue square labeled ConnectNow Giving Donate Online at the bottom of the page. The link below titled "CNG Set-Up Instructions" will provide you with the information necessary to help you set your account up for online giving. Online Giving costs you nothing and provides many advantages to you and the church.

Why We Give

When we tithe, or give a donation to the Church it's not really about keeping the lights on, or funding a mission trip, or supporting missionaries around the world, or even giving to the poor. When we give our money and talents to the Church, we give of our means directly to Jesus Christ through his Bride, the Church, for His Mission on Earth. Catholics don't really need lights anyway. We have candles.

God gives us many opportunities to give our means to His will. It's what He desires for us. He calls us at the perfect moments to give in extraordinary ways, but He also calls us to give in consistent and manageable ways; week after week, month after month, year after year. The First reason for this is to give back to God the gifts He gives us so that we can participate in His Divine Will. The Second is to teach us how to manage wealth. Why have wealth without having a heart inclined towards generosity? The Third is because it's a deeper form of prayer with a tactile cause and effect. "God I don't just want to give You my heart. I want to give you my food, my clothing, my money, my house, my time."

Have you ever heard the phrase, "If you don't use it, you lose it?" We practice giving on a regular basis, especially when its hard, because one day there may be someone in incredible need, and God may call upon you to encounter that person. It will probably be hard to give what God is calling you to give, but if it is truly what God is calling you to do, don't you want to be able to rise to the occasion? And it'll be easier to do it when the time comes because you've already been practicing giving to God, even when it's hard.

So whether you give your time, talents, money, food, or clothing, know that it's not about you, or the parish, or even about the needy. We give to God so we can participate in His will. Because in the end, He will fulfill every need, comfort every sorrow, and right every wrong.

If you would like to read what the Bible says about these things, check out Matthew Chapter 25 (1-40):

If you would like to donate, you can drop an offering in the drop box or send a donation to the office.

1026 N. 8th Avenue Winterset, IA 50273

Or feel free to call:

Rectory: 515-462-5701

Office: 515-462-1083